How does the Auction work?

The bottles will be delivered/collected to our office in Forres. Once they have been authenticated, they are then listed on our website in the next Auction. Registered members of Speyside Whisky Auctions will then be able to place bids on the live Auctions. To place a bid, you enter your maximum bid on the Lot entry. You will then be prompted with a confirmation message. You MUST ensure you input the correct bid as you will be entering a legally bound contract as explained in our T&Cs. We will NOT be able to retract any bids. After placing a bid, you will be kept up to date with relevant information via email, for example if you are have been outbid. If you are successful when the Auctions ends, we will send you an email with a link with the payment instructions to complete the purchase.

How do I sell my whisky online?

One of the most popular ways to sell your whisky online is to use an online Auction site like this one. In order to sell a bottle(s) via our website you are required to register with Speyside Whisky Auctions. Then either post or deliver the bottle(s) to us and we will do the rest. You can read more about selling whisky online in our Sellers Guide.

How much is my bottle of whisky worth?

Whisky values go up and down with time but it often represents a good long term investment option. We offer a free valuation service for your bottle. You can request a valuation by emailing a description of the whisky you have along with a photo to info@speysidewhiskyauctions.co.uk and we will do our best to help. Whisky valuations are based on similar bottles sold in previous Auctions. The value is indicative and should not be considered a professional valuation.

What costs are involved in selling a bottle?

• One off registration fee for our website £4.00 +VAT
• Listing fee of £3.00 +VAT per bottle
• If a reserve price is selected then there is a fee of £4.00 +VAT
• Selling commission is 0% of the winning bid
• Selling outside the UK will be liable for any bank handling changes
• For those in the EU, 20% VAT will be added to all fees. If you live outside the EU you will not pay VAT

What costs are involved in buying a bottle?

Commission charges of 10% of the final sale price will apply. Delivery costs are dependable on your location and weight of item(s). For those in the UK 20% VAT will be added to all fees including the delivery and commission but not added to the Auction price. There is no VAT if you live outside the UK.

Who is responsible for the bottles at each stage of the Auctions?

The seller has the full responsibility to ensure a safe transit to our office. They will be liable for any damage occurred during transit to us. Once we have taken delivery of your bottle(s) we will send you email confirmation to say it has arrived safely. From then on, we will have full responsibility for your item(s). They will be stored in our secure storage in our office unit and fully insured. The responsibility is then passed onto the buyer when the bottle leaves our premises.

When does the Auction end?

The end date and time will be clearly displayed on the countdown timer on the website. They will end anytime from 8pm (GMT).
We use ‘anti-sniping’ software to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. If a bid is placed on a bottle in the last five minutes of the timer, the end time will be increased by 10 minutes to allow the second highest bidder to consider an increased bid. The auction timer will not end on that item until there has been a period of five minutes of no bidding activity.

When is payment due for the winning items?

We will send you an email as soon as you win any Auctions and payment must be made within three days of the end of the Auction to avoid late payment fees.

What payment methods are accepted?

All major debit/credit cards or by bank transfer. Any international bank charges will have FX charges which will be paid by Seller.

What shipping is available?

We can ship all over the world and we have competitive shipping rates. Refer to our International Shipping page for restrictions and a breakdown.

Can I collect my winning bottle(s)?

Yes, upon payment you will be asked if you want it delivered or collected. If you can collect in person you will have 90 days to do so or you will occur a storage fee £1.00 +VAT per day.
Our office hours are 10.00am-16.00pm Monday-Friday. However, if you wish to collect or drop off out with these hours please contact us.

Can I bid on my own bottles?

No, this is illegal. Please refer to our T&Cs,

How often are Auctions held?

Time table of Auction dates along with cut off dates for bottles.

Can I appear as an anonymous bidder?

All bidders are anonymous. Bid amounts can be seen by other users but no personal details are seen.

Are there any bottles you don’t accept?

We can only sell unopened bottles. Apart from this we will consider each bottle and it will be at our discretion whether we accept to list it.

Can I store items at your premises to save on shipping costs?

You can store bottles at our premises for three calendar months free of charge and then after this time period a charge will apply.