Glengoyne – The Teapot Dram Collection 7 x 70cl

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Weight 14 kg


Bottle Size

7 x 70cl

Bottle Strength

58.5%, 58.7%, 58.8%, 59.3%, 59.4%, 59.6%, 59.9%





Distillery Status


Lot Type

Full Size

Whisky Type

Single Malt Whisky

Glengoyne – The Teapot Dram Collection 7 x 70cl

Until the 1970s, Glengoyne workers enjoyed a thrice-daily dram that flowed from a bashed copper teapot in the distillery canteen. Only available at Glengoyne, the Teapot Dram has been lovingly recreated by men with a hazy recollection of those times. And because the daily dram would never be taken from an old cask, this is a deliberately young, bold whisky. A tumbler of whisky a day was wonderful, certainly, for the seasoned workers – but a bit much for the younger ones. To save face, they’d discretely pour their untouched drams into the copper teapot which sat on the canteen windowsill, ready for their older colleagues.

Each bottle is individually numbered.

We recommend that you undertake close up viewing/inspection prior to placing any bid. If you require any further information or pictures please contact us.

Please note: That if insurance is not selected, due to the various ages of bottles and their seals, condition of liquid is at the buyer’s discretion and no claim can be lodged against failure/leakage in transit.



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