Shipping and Delivery

Important information


**We can no longer ship to Italy, Sweden or Poland ** We will happily store bottles for customers until there is a solution.

From 1st January 2021, a ‘BREXIT Surcharge’ is being added by courier providers and will be a minimum of £4.50 per shipment to the EU!

Our VAT is now set at 0% for commission and shipping for Bottles leaving the UK.  However, please note, that Import VAT will be levied on goods imported to EU countries from the UK.  The rate charged will be that set by your local customs authority and charged at the point of entry.

Under no circumstances will purchases returned to us due to unpaid Import VAT and other fees (where applicable) be refunded!

It is your responsibility to check your Local Custom, Duties, VAT and Restrictions prior to Bidding!


Please Note:- Buyers from the USA may face additional charges on the import of any whisky acquired from SSWA of up to 25%. These import tariffs are being imposed by the USA and are out with our control. We, SSWA, will not be held liable for these charges.

We offer shipping to locations worldwide.  We use various carriers depending on location and region to ensure the process is as quick and seamless as possible.  Please note that shipping to some locations is restricted and therefore, we suggest checking whether we can deliver to your location prior to you bidding in our auctions. If your country is not listed below and you have not contacted us prior to bidding to discuss shipping, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to arrange delivery/collection of lots.  We will try to assist you in anyway we can and provide storage until a solution is reached.  Bidders are legally obliged to pay for all lots which they have bid on and won within 7 days of end of auction or a 3% surcharge will be added. 

** Extra charges may be added for remote areas, please contact us for an exact shipping quote**

Shipments outwith the EU: Buyer’s should be aware of any local customs / duties laws as it is the buyer’s responsibility to adhere to such laws.

For the US, we can only ship to the following states:-

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming, Washington Dc.

AREA 0.01-2.00KG 2.01-4.00KG 4.01-6.0KG6.01-8.0KG8.01-10.0KG10.01-12.0KG
ZONE 1£26.00£27.00£28.00£29.00£30.00£32.00
ZONE 2£28.00£35.00£40.00£45.00£55.00£60.00
ZONE 3£34.00£40.00£46.00£55.00£65.00£77.00
ZONE 4£35.00£40.00£50.00£60.00£70.00£80.00
ZONE 5£36.00£48.00£55.00£63.00£73.00£80.00
ZONE 6£100.00£110.00£120.00£130.00£140.00£150.00
ZONE 8£35.00£56.00£65.00£80.00£90.00£100.00
ZONE 11£35.00£48.00£55.00£60.00£80.00£93.00

1Belgium, Channel Islands, France – Paris, Germany – Cologne, Germany – Frankfurt, Ireland Republic of, Luxembourg, Netherlands
2France – All Other Locations, Germany – All Other Locations, Monaco
3 Austria, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain
4Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
5Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Gibraltar, Iceland, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland,
8 China, Peoples Rep., Hong Kong, India, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Singapore

*VAT to be applied to shipping costs for UK